2 February 2007

The gang of 49

Now that some of the media hype has died down, we can examine this a little more closely.

The idea that these people are a gang is a myth. There is no organised structure, and there is no one person or group that is co-ordination the activities of these people. Just a group of people, loosely connected by family relationships, who are committing crimes. The media has done little to examine why this is the case, or suggest any solutions beyond locking them up.

While people may need to be punished for committing crime, unless the root cause of the criminal behaviour is addressed, the crime will continue.


Anonymous said...

I believe your description of the gang as having 'loose' connections tries to minimise their inter-relationships. As you would know just about all aboriginals consider themselves to be related to each other.

You are correct about them having no structure, as that would require some semblance of normal intelligence, which no member of this Aboriginal gang possesses.

Danial M said...

I grew up on the wrong side of the law in Qld, I have lived in South Australia now for 12 years. I have seen the results of the current focus of the justice system throughout the world from my personal contacts. The current priority is definitely to punish people appropiately. This results in a high percentage of those people remaining in the same state for thier whole lives (in a war with the justice system). They then have 3-5 children and their children follow the same path generally resulting in our crime rate expanding every year and even worse the percentage of Australians with legal and social troubles exponentially expanding continuously.
We need to focus on improving those people when they first start on that path. I can see this from where I am and how I have lived my life. I was born to a man that was allowed to carry firearms and drugs and generally do whatever he wanted for some reason (NSW). Eventually the drugs or the stress that lead him to live like that drove him crazy and we had to flee for our lives when i was around 12. My Mother then raised me really well in Qld, I was in The Westpac Maths Competition every year and i would be in Top #3 of QLD, but it was never developed into anything decent by me unfortunately. Most of us are really smart but we cant seem to deal with opposition from people who are meant to be helping raise us. There was only 1 child in My year at my high school with his original (Birth) Dad. And we have no-one experienced to talk to or learn from. We lose our minds in desperation which usually finally attracts some attention from the system, but we are then told we will be nothing and society and us cannot coexist so we must be locked away or fined money which is also a very sore point for most people, at no point do people ever actually try to help. I have been through systems and classes too and they are largely inneffectual. When the problems have been developing for so long (generations)it will not be solved instantly.
If Australia is to grow and utilise our true potential and greatest asset we must invest more effort, time and energy into our people.

Anonymous said...

It is a cultural 'relationship' that stems from your upbringing being a shared experience including being raised by other women (mostly aunties, nanna) rather than your birth mother, not an actual birth relationship by blood, although in most cases, they are blood related. A member of the same skin/clan group can be considered as having the same 'right' as the birth family.

Its a responsibility. eg. an uncle has as much power as a father because traditionally he has as much right.

I'm not convinced there isn't a bigger organised arena, sir, that you're not aware of.

Anonymous said...

The people that believe that the Gang of 49 is a myth are the same ones that have sold their soul to the devil to make a dollar defending these scumbags. There is no organized structure per say, however this only due to the lack of discipline required to be a member of any gang or club. These guys have one rule and that is to not get caught. They have no conscience and no regard for who they injure or kill along the way.
I bet you would change your opinion if they carjacked your car while you wife and children were it. Then they would be a gang.
All the victims of these pieces of filth have people like you to thank for allowing them to remain on the street.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this will get thru, but I'm the mother of one of the victims that was assaulted by these a$$holes not long ago. I'm also appalled at the 'lack of' ( for want of a better word) resources when it comes to seeing justice for these scum of the earth so called people. Its ludicrous that they can't be locked up coz they are 'juvie's... or that it might not have been THAT particular person that committed the crime. I've been told IT IS a gang, and that particular night there were 2 cars working the streets not just 1. Its horrendous 2 think that we can't even walk the streets or we aren't safe in our own homes thx to waste of spaces like them. My daughter is still traumatised by the incident and what kind of life is that to live?

Simon Slade said...

@anonymous 4 March 2008

Do you realise what you have posted?

"Its ludicrous that they can't be locked up ... or that it might not have been THAT particular person that committed the crime."

So you are suggesting that people should be locked up for the crimes of others!!

If that were the law, then your daughter could go to gaol for the crimes of her attackers.

What does it matter that "it might not have been THAT particular person that committed the crime."


Anonymous said...

Yes i do realise what i have posted Simon, and i take back the part about prosecuting those that haven't committed any crime. I just can't get my head around this right now I'm awfully sorry. I read somewhere On here that this is not a gang there is no structure 2 what they do, they just go out and do it. There Was an incident 2 days ago where it took the Police 2 hours to capture just one of the offenders, maybe as a mother of a victim i expect more, i'm not sure but i retract my statement and apologise. My head isn't where it should be right now due to my daughter still being traumatised by all of this. Afraid to go out at nite. What gives these people the right to think that they can get away with what they do?

lachness said...

I am unaware of the situation in South Aust but here in NSW Section 11A of the Summary Offences Act 1988 states "If 3 or more persons who are present together use or threaten unlawful violence and the conduct of them (taken together) is such as would cause a person of reasonable firmness present at the scene to fear for his or her personal safety, each of the persons using or threatening unlawful violence is guilty of an offence."

I think that is what 'anonymous 4 March 2008' is taking about. Regardless of who does what, they are all responsible.

Simon Slade said...

We have the doctrine of 'joint enterprise' in South Australia, and not just restricted to a specific offence. People are often prosecuted on that basis.

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