21 April 2008

Mental Health System and Remand Prisoners

With the news today that an inmate had escaped from the supposedly secure Brentwood unit at Glenside Hospital came the revelation that he was apparently on remand for Assault.

Assuming that "on remand," in the context of that news article, means "remanded in custody" then serious questions need to be asked about why prison inmates are being held in institutions other than prisons. The Correctional Services Act provides that prisoners should be housed in prisons.

Whilst it is important that people in prison with a mental health problem receive proper treatment and care, it is also important that proper safeguards are in place to ensure to people who are imprisoned are being kept separate from the general population of persons who might be at Glenside Hospital. Patients may be in a secure facility at that hospital for any number of reasons -- and it might not be in the best interests of the community for them to be housed together with prisoners.

Here is a link to the article at AdelaideNow, but the content of this article has already changed a couple of times today, so by the time you read it, it may be very different from the article that I read.


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