17 June 2008

A New Beginning

As those of you who follow my radio show would already know, my law firm has moved to new premises.

After many years of operating out of the old "Port Adelaide Providores" building in Lipson St at Port Adelaide, we have now moved to a converted cottage at 18 Market St Adelaide. This is so much easier for our clients to get to - whether they are coming by car, or using public transport.

Here is a map of where we are: Google Map

We also have a new phone number - (08) 8410-0666 and the saga about getting the phone system installed is a story in itself!

For those of you who loved the old building, there is the opportunity to buy it!! Check it out here

We are all very excited about our new beginning, and look forward to being able to do an even better job of looking after all of our clients.


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