21 July 2008

Excuse me, Kevin Rudd would like to make an Appointment

Probably largely un-noticed by the general population, there is a flurry of activity in legal circles about who will be the next Chief Justice of the High Court.

The speculation is spilling out into the mainstream media, with Chief Justice John Doyle, of the South Australian Supreme Court, rated as a 'top contender' by AdelaideNow

There is the strange anomaly that no South Australian has ever been appointed to the High Court bench, and our Chief Justice would make an excellent choice.

Of course they see things differently in the East!

This article in the Sydney Morning Herald seems to tip New South Wales Supreme Court Chief Justice Jim Spigelman.

And in Brisbane, the Courier Mail seems to thing that the best bet is Justice Patrick Keane, from the Queensland Court of Appeal.

Well, it could be worse - we could be in a country with elected Judges! Or one with no Judges at all!


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